About Us

Melonie Feldstein, MS, LPCC-S, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor


Melonie is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor in the State of Ohio. In addition, she is certified as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. She has worked with children and their families and with adult clients for the last thirteen years. She currently is the President of the Ohio Association for Play Therapy and is a graduate of the Association for Play Therapy Leadership Academy 2008. She sits on two committees for the National Association for Play Therapy.

In May 2008 she co-authored a chapter in the book titled, “Popular Culture in Counseling, Psychotherapy and Play Based Interventions.” She often trains other therapists in play therapy and supervises interns and therapists.

In addition to training therapists in various stages of their career, Melonie specializes in play therapy, working with children between 2 to 12 years, adolescents between 12 and 18 years, and students of all ages. She uses cognitive processing therapy with adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma.

Melonie attended the University of Central Texas college while supporting her military spouse. She has two grown daughters and one grandchild.

Maria Shifflet, MA, LPC


After completing her practicum and internship at Serenity, Maria is excited to begin her work here as a full time therapist.

It is becoming increasingly clear to her that people of all ages encounter struggles and obstacles in their lives. This is very common. Maria believes the most important aspect of the process is a trusting, supportive relationship between the client and counselor. Without this, little can be accomplished. A counselor and client can establish and build this therapeutic relationship together as they find ways to help the client achieve their therapeutic goals to become a better version of themselves.

When listening and trying to understand a client, Maria prefers to look at their situation through a systemic lens, gathering the broadest picture possible to view it from multiple perspectives. Maria is happy to work with clients of all ages. She feels particularly skilled at working with children, in which she prefers to incorporate play, story, art, and mindfulness techniques.

Maria is a graduate of Mt. St. Joseph University (BS, Psychology) and Xavier University (MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling).

Cobin Trout, MS, LPCC-S, RPT-S

Cobin is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor and Certified as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. She is a member of the National Association of Play Therapy and served on the Board of the Ohio Association for play therapy for seven years. She is also a member of the Southwest Chapter of the Ohio Association for Infant Mental Health.

Cobin was also certified in Elementary Education and has had experience in the elementary classroom as a teacher in regular and special education settings. Having worked in the school-setting as a teacher and counselor, she can join with parents and school personnel to help children that are struggling within the school setting.

Cobin has extensive training in the area of play therapy. She is trained in and utilizes the approach of Child-Centered Play Therapy but she also utilizes more directive play therapy approaches depending on the child’s needs. Cobin works with children/adolescents ages 0-18.

Cobin specializes in working with very young children ages 0-7 and their families. She has training in both Filial Play Therapy and Theraplay. These therapy models support families in building healthy attachment in hopes of creating a strong foundation in which to ‘grow’ healthy and productive children.

Cobin strongly believes in addressing the whole child. She is actively engaged in continued research and training in the areas of nutrition, healthy hygiene, and spiritual growth and the impact these important areas have on the child.

She looks forward to the opportunity to work alongside families to help problem solve, identify existing strengths, and support caregivers and children in meeting their goals.


Mary came to Serenity with experience coming from several different settings. She has worked in several community mental health agencies, and with a psychiatrist in a private practice, as well as contracting in a private practice counseling setting.  Through the collaborative process and diversity of therapists at Serenity, she looks forward to doing more family work, where entire families can be treated in one location.

With a degree in Operational Management and a prior business background in management, her practice of Lead Management led her to study William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.  Before completing her MA in Community Counseling at Xavier University, she completed the process for a certification in Reality Therapy (RTC)  http://wglasser.com.  Along with being independently licensed for both mental health (LPCC) and chemical addictions (LICDC), she is also an International Certified Gambling Counselor (ICGC-I). https://www.ncpgambling.org/help-treatment/counselor-search/ohio-counselors/

She completed the Star Behavioral Health Program to develop competency and training in the specific therapies that are proven effective for working with military members and their families.  The trainings she attended were primarily held in California and Indiana; all were directed by the US Center for Deployment Psychology.  https://starproviders.org/services/states/ohio/search-results?page=4

Trauma and PTSD are an ongoing focus for training, particularly with addictions.  She was trained via Skype by Dr. David Muss of Birmingham, Great Britain, the creator of The Rewind Technique, and is a member of the International Association of Rewind Trauma Therapists (IARTT). http://www.iartt.com/

Mary follows an Integrated Treatment process in the counseling process.  She pays attention to the whole person (body, mind, spirit and soul), with attention to their relationship issues, particularly family of origin.  She believes that therapy is a support for people who want to create change, choose their own way, resolve any barriers, and achieve their own goals.    “Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable” -Finley Peter Dunne